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"From creating the initial marketing strategy through executing a smooth sale, Maureen and Bridget guided the process of selling our family home with endless energy and flawless precision. More than just a house, this property was our homestead for over 50 years and the sentimental hub of our large family. The care, attention, empathy and respect Maureen and Bridget displayed brought great comfort and confidence during each step of this amazing journey.   No concern was dismissed, no question was left unanswered. And we realized a very successful sale. On behalf of our grateful family, we would not hesitate to recommend Maureen and Bridget.”  

-- Chris S., September 2019

“I have been working with Maureen and Bridget since 2008. I sold 2 properties and bought 2 properties with their help. Maureen and Bridget are delightful people. I can’t speak strongly enough about their dedication, efficiency, professionalism, experience, responsiveness, flexibility and savoir faire. The last property I sold was a condo. Several legal issues came our way. As we were becoming aware of those issues, we had to review our strategies and delay open houses on many occasions. It took 2 years to resolve problems with the condo association in order to sell my unit. Maureen and Bridget never let me down. They helped me throughout that very difficult time. They made sure my interests were preserved. Other brokers would have walked away from that real estate nightmare. Maureen was proactive, supportive and solution-oriented. I don’t think I could have completed these transactions without their expertise.

“Another quality that I also greatly appreciated in Maureen and Bridget was their almost instantaneous response time. They ALWAYS returned my phone calls and/or emails in less than an hour. This is rare in my experience in the real estate business. Their expertise is also a huge advantage in the current competitive real estate market. They helped me analyze offers and navigate through every step of the sale/purchase process. I recommend Maureen and Bridget without hesitation. They are the best in the industry and this is why they have both been successful businesswomen for many years.”

-- Sophie P., January 2019

“About a year and a half ago, my sisters and I realized that we would have to sell our mother’s home. Maureen had worked with our mom and late stepfather when they bought the house ten years earlier. She asked if we would work with Maureen again. We could not have found a more professional and practical individual to work with.

“Maureen and her daughter, Bridget, now work together as a team. They gave us helpful and timely advice on many fronts. They priced the house correctly and guided us through the sale. We couldn’t have been happier.

“This past summer, my wife and I decided to put our home on the market. We chose Maureen and Bridget to work with us. Again, their advice was invaluable. Their marketing was excellent. And, once again, they guided us through the sale.

“This is a top-notch professional team. They worked together seamlessly and doggedly to help us get our house ready to show. And they didn’t stop until our transaction closed. Of course, we would work with them again.”

-- Michael M., December 2017

“A belated thank you for doing such a nice job handling the sale of our condo in Newton.  I never cease to marvel how the great brokers in a market continue to move the same homes over and over again, primarily due to the professional job they do and the fact that people like working with them.  This is certainly true of the two of you.

“I don’t think my Dad will have another piece of real estate to buy or sell in Newton, but you have made the task of buying and selling one that is easy to do, when it can be fraught with all kinds of problems. Thank you for your great work.”

-- LAS, May 2017

“I’d like to commend the team of Maureen Walsh and Bridget Walsh-Graham for an experience that was truly exemplary. It's been over two months since the closing of our parents’ home in Newton, yet my sister, Jackie, my brother, Bobby, and I will forever remain grateful to them. 

“Maureen and Bridget are knowledgeable, personable, empathetic, responsive, and totally in touch with the realities of the marketplace. It's no wonder that we continually found their advice to be nothing short of invaluable.

“We're particularly grateful for the assistance they provided in advance of the listing. After 53 years of ownership there was much to consider, especially in terms of prospective repairs, but we never felt confused, thanks to Maureen and Bridget. They told us what to fix, what to avoid, how much to spend, and precisely whom to hire. They even took it upon themselves to effectively manage most projects. Now how's that for going above and beyond?!

“They saved us time, they saved us money, they helped us to maximize our sales price, and they helped us to prevent a lot of needless aggravation. Oh, yes, they also sold our parents’ house in 3 days!  Maureen and Bridget are simply the best and we plan to recommend them at every opportunity.”

-- Paul D., October 2012

“We give Maureen and Bridget Walsh a AAA+ rating for real estate sales and client management, based on our experience purchasing a home.  My husband and I have purchased and sold homes in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and working with the Walsh team was the best experience we ever had working with real estate agents. From our initial meeting at the open house, it was clear that Maureen was committed to representing the property in the best fashion and able to recognize and work with motivated buyers to secure the best deal for all involved. 

“In addition to being extremely available and communicative (day and night), Maureen represented all parties fairly and kept track of every detail without the slightest delay or misstep on any level.  Her daughter, Bridget, was equally responsive, when needed, and graciously accommodated last minute requests to meet with contractors or other unexpected viewing needs prior to the closing.  Maureen and Bridget are lovely, highly professional, and very good at what they do.  We couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience and would be the first to recommend them to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. They are the best!”

-- Patti and Don B., July 2012

“I would definitely head The Walsh Fan Club!  We were referred to Maureen Walsh to be our real estate agent in selling our parents’ property in Newton.  It was the end of an era as both our parents had passed away and we lived out of state.  It was time to sell the house.

“Maureen was out of the country when we made our first visit to start setting up for the sale, and we met with her daughter Bridget.  She was very helpful in setting up the listing and organizing the steps we needed to go through to put the house on the market.  When Maureen returned, she took over and handled everything from then on.  The ‘team’ was well in place and we liked having two women as partners- mother/daughter particularly—and the continual coverage.

“Maureen was ‘on her game!’  She is so good at what she does—knows her market, knows how to be helpful, is responsive to her clients, and is efficient throughout.  She is a powerhouse—I’m not sure how much sleep she gets—she is the Eveready battery!  We came to feel she was part of our family.  She emailed or called as needed, and helped us to move forward in an organized fashion.  Her referrals were equally good choices and we could never have done everything without her.  The property closed in under 2 months.

“I have been involved in 6 property sales and would give Maureen an AAA+ top rating for her work, her professionalism, her ethic, her conscientiousness and dedication.  I wish I had another property to work on together with her.”

-- Linda B., August 2011

“Maureen Walsh is a true professional businesswoman.  She is dedicated to her clients and to her role of selling property. Maureen has an eye for detail and uses this skill successfully for showcasing properties. Maureen is adept in her strategizing skills in order for her clients to reach their ultimate goals. She is certainly an instrumental and motivated team player. While working with Maureen to sell a much valued and sentimental family home, her calm demeanor helped to guide the bittersweet process. Maureen was forever enthusiastic and level-headed. She freely offered her expertise, while listening to the concerns of her clients. These qualities were greatly appreciated during the entire process. Also, aside from her many talents and years of success, Maureen was steadfast in her availability to her clients. She immediately returned phone calls and/or emails. Many times I received emails from Maureen which she had written before the sun had even risen. I'm not really sure when this power-woman rests! I am extremely grateful to Maureen Walsh for her steadfast professionalism and real estate successes.”

--Ann C., June 2011

“I have used Maureen Walsh as my real estate agent since 1985. She has helped me buy 5 houses and sell 4. I would not buy a house in the Boston area without asking Maureen if it made sense. She knows her business and has given me all manner of advice about housing and home ownership. She understands her clients' individual needs and what is important to them. Never too busy to help, always just a phone call away, Maureen is a true professional.”

-- Michael A., May 2011

“An outstanding professional, Maureen is trustworthy. She listens, understands clients’ needs and dreams and builds relationships that get results. Experienced, she knows the local markets and pricing trends, neighborhoods and available resources. An excellent communicator, she is responsive and makes a stressful process less painful. Maureen anticipates situations, keeps dialogue open, is focused and detailed. She and Bridget ensure each client receives immediate and professional attention. A stellar reputation, expertise and extraordinary hard work guarantee that their clients’ needs drive decisions. I recommend Maureen and Bridget without reservation.”

--Kathy W., March 2011

“Our search for a new home in Brookline lasted over a period of two years. We made offers on some properties, nearly came to contract on one, and started to lose hope that we would find the right place for our family. There were moments we gave up and took long breaks from looking. When my husband's work position became permanent, we knew for sure that we wanted to build a life for our family here in Brookline. That meant starting our search again. Throughout it all, Maureen was there for us. She was patient and understanding, and never showed a bit of frustration in the two years she spent time with us.

“Maureen seemed to really understand our needs as a young family, and most importantly, she always had our best interests in mind. She never pressured us, so that she could "make a sale." She was reliable, and she was available whenever we needed her. At the rare times when she was not available, Bridget was there. She exhibits the same calm and no pressure attitude. Ultimately, we found our perfect home. We have lived here for a year and a half, and couldn't be happier. I would recommend Maureen and Bridget highly. They are a wonderful team that we still keep in touch with today!”

-- Jenny C., March 2011

“I originally requested Maureen and Bridget visit my home, in preparation for sale, as I thought it was very clever having two generations working on the same team. Each offered a different perspective of prospective buyer needs. However, the pre-showing preparation, staging, and incredibly professional ‘packets’ they put together were the real importance of having Maureen and Bridget represent us in the sale of our home. (By the way, Maureen was in Europe when I left my initial call and she called back from Europe!)

“On top of that, Maureen was always there if we needed anything. If we were traveling, Maureen would come and check on the house while we were gone. She always arrived early to make sure heating and AC were at appropriate levels, and candles lit, before the buyers arrived, and she always followed up with the buyer-broker for feedback on what was successful and not so successful, for each particular buyer. We were able to modify our home presentation slightly, along the way, based on these recommendations Maureen actively sought.

“Finally, we had a very difficult home to sell. Our home was in the very upper price range for Newton, and the absolute largest house in our neighborhood. Maureen's cheerful demeanor kept us encouraged through what could have been a difficult process. I strongly recommend Maureen and Bridget, on many levels. They are kind, they are professional, and they know their business!”

-- Melanie M., March 2011